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Friday, November 11, 2016 | 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The two hands-on workshops will take place concurrently. The lecture portion for each topic will be delivered in the morning. Each workshop is limited to 30 participants. ► Signup before they are filled!


Sinus Surgery: Surgical Tricks from the Masters

Dr. Stephen Wallace, DDS, Periodontist & Director
Associate Professor, New York University, Department of Implant Dentistry

Maxillary sinus elevation surgery now has a 36-year history since the first publication and 40 years since the first presentation. Current EBR’s give implant survival rates for lateral window procedures of over 95%. There are many reasons for this high success rate.

Certainly we have seen an evolution in biomaterials and surgical techniques that have led to improved outcomes. We also have the 40 years of experience of many “masters” that have indeed given us new understandings of how to perform this procedure more precisely and we have learned how to avoid and treat complications.

This presentation will show one clinician’s evolution to achieve the best outcomes for this procedure. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  1. Put in perspective the evolution of grafting materials
  2. Understand how sinus anatomy dictates surgical modifications
  3. Experience multiple surgical techniques meant to achieve superior outcomes
  4. Observe the most effective ways to deal with complications.
  5. See that success does not involve “change for the sake of change” or “magic”
This course will be both lecture and hands-on oriented
The presentation will highlight the different surgical approaches to lateral window surgery and show how the new techniques are advantageous. Highlighted in the hands-on portion will be both piezoelectric and DASK techniques. The preparation and utilization of L-PRF and the new PRP-block protocol.


Dr. Stephen Wallace, 口腔外科医师,牙周医师,主任
纽约大学牙周及种植中心 临床教授




  1. 透视植骨材料的变革
  2. 理解窦内解剖结构对手术的指导作用
  3. 体验可以取得极佳疗效的手术技术
  4. 学习应对并发症最有效的方法
  5. 明白种植成功并不包含“为了改变而改变”或“魔术”

When, Where, and Why Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

Dr. Paul Yu, DDS, Periodontist
Assistant Professor, New York University, Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

The goal of this presentation is to discuss the critical parameters related to the maxillary sinus augmentation procedure, and their correlation to implant placement and to the longevity of the restorative treatment.

The atrophic posterior maxilla poses a challenge for implant placement not only due to the nature of bone quality but also due to the pneumatization of the sinus.

The purpose of lateral sinus augmentation is to place an implant with long-term function without complication, furthermore is necessary to review the parameters that influence implant placement and long-term functional success. These include incision design, widow shape, additional GBR, simultaneous implant placement, time of implant placement, surgical instruments, implant design, graft material, and management of complications.


Dr. Paul Yu, 口腔外科医师,牙周医师
纽约大学牙周及种植中心 助教授